Monaghan Cancer Treatment Support has its roots in the mid-eighties when it was then called Monaghan Town and North Monaghan Hospice Homecare. Like-minded people in each of the five county towns came together to establish a support structure for cancer patients who wished to die at home. All the county towns began fundraising and in 1991 appointed a nurse. This nurse was then provided with Specialist Hospice Homecare Training in Scotland. Her salary was provided by the County Committee but it soon became evident that she was unable to cope with a county-wide area. More Hospice Nurses were needed to properly serve the requests for Hospice Homecare. The then North Eastern Health Board was mandated by the Government to provide a Hospice Homecare Service. This service became known as Palliative Care and over the years a team of Specialist Doctors, Nurses and other care professionals were appointed.

  • The Hospice Committees in each of the five county towns continue to support cancer patients.
  • Monaghan Town and North Monaghan Hospice Homecare became known as Monaghan Cancer Treatment Support and continues to provide help to patients as requested by the Health Care professionals.
  • In addition to this in October 2002 we began the transport service as a pilot scheme.
  • Because of the financial support we receive from fundraising we are now in our fifteenth year of providing a transport service.
  • During this time we have been able to bring people for over 7.000 treatments. The treatments include Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Stem Cell Treatment, and some MRI’s and other scans.